When you ask questions, comment, and vote on questions that are interesting to you, VoteYesOrNo will grant badges to you. These badges will show up on your profile and will set you apart in the community. Here is a list of all the available badges.
Wrote a comment that received at least 10 thumbs up.
The Fonz
Wrote 5 comments that received at least 2 thumbs up.
Sonic Boom
OMG! Your comment was so well liked by the community that you ripped a hole in the space-time-continuum creating a black hole sucking up all the "likes" on the page.
Popular Question
Asked a question that made it to the homepage (only the best questions appear on the homepage and will be seen by more people). It's the equivalent of getting on the honor roll in middle school...Booyah!
Community Builder
You helped to grow the VoteYesOrNo community by having one of your friends join. Your breakfast will taste better tomorrow, and the birds are singing in the neighborhood--all because of you!
100 Votes
Ask a question that receives over 100 votes.
1,000 Votes
Ask a question that receives over 1,000 votes (Hot damn, you're awesome!).
10,000 Votes
Ask a question that receives over 10,000 votes (uhh, you're kind of a big deal).
Contributed to the community by voting at least 300 times.
Contributed to the community by voting 1k times. Please send us the bill for the finger chiropractor.
We'll tell you in the future.
You're in. Wear your VYON badge with pride. Just don't walk with a slight limp as some people view that as gangsta.
The Full Monty
Thanks for adding your profile picture. It's great to put a face to a name.
You've sparked a heated debate with your question. Hurry! Run! The police are on their way with riot gear.
You ventured into the wilderness, preparing the way for others to follow. The team here salutes you.
Weekend Warrior
Even the weekend can't keep you away from VoteYesOrNo. You are a beast and we love you.