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8 years ago

Do you agree that teachers in Schools & Colleges are partial towards the toppers of the class in some areas?

If you haven’t been a topper of your class ever you must have felt this in your student life.The students who usually score the most are the ones for whom life becomes a tad easy in educational institutes. I am not saying that the toppers do not work hard after scoring the highest marks just once but the impression once developed on the teachers makes it sometimes easy to get marks in areas like Vivas,projects,assignments,practical exams etc. What do you think??
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8 years ago
The one time I was the head of my class, my teacher did favor giving me more work to do and expecting excellence. Chances are, my classmates saw only the "teacher's pet" side of it. What they probably did not see was that Ms. S. saw that I was really good at the subject. She pushed me to excel, to work at the top of my ability. Did that mean I got special attention? Yes. Did I have to work my azz off for it? YES.
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